Wednesday, 30 March 2011

[] Beginners Guide - To Taking The Perfect Photograph

By Ted Parry

When you are just starting out and getting experience taking photographs you may find that some photos are better than others and just put it down to luck. In actual fact it has nothing to do with luck and is actually down to certain things which you have done with the Lumix camera. When you learn what these things are it becomes so much easier to take the photographs properly and get the best results every time. Below are a few tips that will help you understand what you need to do to stop and blurring or bad image quality and transform that into get looking and successful photographs.

Have The Light Work In Your Favour

With standard pointy and shoot Lumix cameras it's undeniable that sometimes it hard to get the lighting that you want sometimes. Bright spots during the shot will undeniably be the worst thing to happen with regards to lighting in the picture. Make sure you spot these bright spots straight away and avoid them. Anything like this can cause your picture to come out extremely bright in one area and leave it without much detail leaving you with a pretty poor photograph. The same applies with dark patches. If you have a dark spot make sure you are well aware and don't take a picture in an overly bright and at the same time dim location. The Lumix camera can only see half of what the human eye can so make sure you take advantage of this and judge the lighting yourself.

Don't Overcomplicate Things

Having your photograph scrambled with many other things will most likely ruin the picture. If you're taking a picture of one person, why try and take pictures of other things in the scenery when the main point of focus in the picture is the person. When viewing things you want it to be as simple as possible so the human eye can find out what it's about straight away. This rule can apply to other things in the photograph like objects or backgrounds, only fit in what's necessary.

Be Aware Of Your Scenery

The body will look much better if it's lined up next to things that are symmetrical as well. This is especially true when it comes to sizing your photograph. If you choose vertical over horizontal and you're picturing a human that's standing up you may find that it looks more natural and appealing to the eyes. However you must use this based on your scenery and never on what you think. Some photographs might fit horizontal much better such as if you were taking a picture of the sea.

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