Sunday, 20 March 2011

[] Leather Albums For Photographers; The Right Ones Create Mor...

By Kevin Browne

When you are ready to take your photography business to entirely new levels, it's time to start looking at the leather albums for photographers you'll find at

It's so important to understand that the reason why Collages was started in 1999 was to enable professional photographers to do doing more means making more money or having more time to do the things in life that you love.

And when it comes to how your shots look their best, nothing says "hire me" like some of our best leather albums. (It's one of the things they hear endlessly.)

Okay, enough grandstanding, let's get to why.

The leather albums for photographers at Collages feature flush mounts, more than 20 color cover options, lay flat pages (which are a huge draw) and the smallest page break in the industry.

This is the attention to detail in a product that will instantly be noticed as you lift your album out in front of new prospective clients to show off your work. These client meetings are where every product detail becomes magnified and where you need to set yourself apart from your competition. You need to ask yourself, why should this person hire YOU?!? Why should they really?

It's just so cool to know that there really are companies out there that have such dynamic, solution-oriented customer service teams AND have the products that really set the standard for the professional photography niche.

Maybe it's not too difficult to see why thousands of photographers look to each day as they look to innovate, profit, and become more efficient each day.

After all, the goal was always to help photographers sell, right?

Hey, you know those leather albums for photographers you've been looking for? I think I just may know where you can get those.

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