Monday, 13 June 2011

[] Dress Up And Fix Your Hair So Engagement Photos Can Be Taken

By Debby Rowenta

He asked, she answered and the ring was slid on the third finger of the left hand. They each may not be perfect but they seem perfect for each other. Plans are made, dates are set and engagement photos are soon to be taken.

A fantasy wedding is in the minds and hearts of many young girls throughout the world, but later on, when reality settles in, she realizes that no one is free from flaws, both physically or in character. This fact is accepted and time marches on.

As uncomfortable as it may be for one or the other of the couple, they realize that they must have a photo to insert into the local papers, both locally and in their hometowns. This fact makes it a better experience and they endure the time and the many poses it may take to achieve their objective of a suitable snapshot.

Alternate backgrounds can be used, and some shots could be taken outdoors as well. This same type of stuff can be happening at a later date when it comes time for wedding images to be taken. It may help the first time around to be more at ease the second time around. The attire at least is usually more casual than wedding outfits.

Getting to know each couple worked with is a very important part of being a wedding photographer. When the photo taker is familiar with the couple, better pictures portraying the two-some can often be achieved. Newspaper pictures may be the only look some family and friends get to see of the happy couple, both before and after the wedding.

Sitting in front of a camera, at the ready, being asked to do this or that, can often be not so fun. If considered as a prequel to the wedding pictures, these engagement photos may be considered a walk-through. Many of the same requirements might be present. Knowing before-hand what to expect can make the already possibly stressful time a bit easier to handle.

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