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By Adriana Noton

The movie industry is a very big industry that employs an immense number of people in a vast number of unique jobs. When you watch the film credits roll at the end of a movie you can see how many people are involved in making a film. Today, for people who love movies and would like to be a part of this diverse and exciting industry, there are universities and special school offering programs in film studies.

If you are interested in a career in the film industry, a great place to get your start is by taking a film studies program from an accredited school.

When enrolling in a film studies program, you have to be committed to films. You have to really love films, not just a few films or a certain genre. In a film studies program, you will be involved with one or two films a day for the entire program. You will be seeing films of all genres and from many countries so you are exposed to such diverse films. You have to really love films because it is not the Hollywood block busters designed to make tens of millions of dollars that you will only be studying. Film studies is about the craft of making the films not the glamour of being in the film industry. It is an artistic program that focuses on the technical aspects as well as various aspects of many different types of films.

In a film studies program, you are studying every aspect of a diverse range of films and you will be learning how to identify key aspects of films, characters development, imagery, the art of story telling through visualization, understanding the narrative as it applies to the story, analysis of subtexts characters, and how gender, race, and sexuality are represented in film. As well, in addition to having to love films, you have to learn how to work with others because so many people are involved with the making of a film. You will engage in discussions and collaborating with others on projects. You will have your opinion but you will have to respect the opinions of others in your work group. As well, you will be analyzing films in the form of group projects as well as presentations. The study of film is a collaborative effort so it is important to work well with others.

The film industry is an exciting industry that offers a variety of career film paths. A films studies program is challenging and shows you a whole new way of looking at films and the role films play in our culture. For those with a passion for films, film studies is a definite option when considering a career in the film industry. There are many quality schools that offer comprehensive and reputable film studies programs. If you are interested in the film industry and are ready to immerse yourself in the world of films, take some time to explore schools offering film studies programs.

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