Saturday, 4 June 2011

[] What can you do with Used Photograph Frames?

By Nathan Hall

When you drop a framed picture, you throw away the broken glass and the frame. Only what if the frame looks beautiful? Or what if the frame is nearly undamaged? On The Spur Of The Moment you get some creative picture frame ideas and turn an accident into a new aesthetic object. So you think to yourself: "An old photograph frame never really becomes old". In this text we're going to share some useful and artistic ways to reuse old picture frames.

When you want to recycle a picture frame, think about what's really left of it. If it's not shattered but its color has drained, go ahead and recolor it. It could become a great vibrant picture frame for the kid's room, or you might color it in white and get the new white picture frame and set a mirror in it rather than the glass. Now you have a brand new mirror in a shiny white picture frame.

Bring all the greeting cards you've received for Christmas and pick out a really beautiful one. Then frame it with one of your unused picture frames. You might use it as a gift as well. And speaking of gifts, let's say you're really time pressed and there's a buddy's birthday coming up soon. But wait, you remember having several really crazy images from a recent Friday night out with the boys on your computer, and indeed he's in the pictures and he's fooling around. You print it and frame it. That present is going to bring up some laughter for sure. And at the end of the party you realize you built a great present, you made all the people happy and you successfully reused an old photograph frame.

What about the damaged frames, aren't you supposed to throw it away? Maybe you should, but in case you were wondering how to make a picture frame, you can craft it from other broken image frames. Take the ones with the identical size and put them together, some nails and some glue might come in handy. Or if you're in a creative mood go ahead and build some original pentagonal, octagonal or triangular frames. You can get a piece of thin Styrofoam and slice it to fit the frame. Tape it and you have a brand new message board.

How to make a picture frame look good by reusing it seems to be a tricky job at first but once you think about it a few times you might actually come up with several creative picture frame ideas.

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