Friday, 1 July 2011

[] Canon 600D vs. Canon 60D: Which one should you buy?

By Charlie Spencer

Canon has released the new Rebel T3i, also called Canon 600D in February, this year. Ever since its release, there have been many debates and comparisons between the Canon 600D and the Canon 60d. The two DSLRs are quite similar, both having the LCD screen, the same 18.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor and the same video settings and motion options. Basically, the quality of the pictures and of the videos is quite the same. Despite the similarities, there are also some big differences that I am about to discuss in this article. They might not appear as important but if you are a professional photographer, these differences might count.

The number of frames per second is different for the two cameras. The Canon 600D can shoot 3.7 frames/second whereas the Canon 60D 5.3 frames/second. This may not seem important but if you are a sports photographer or you simply enjoy capturing motion, the Canon 60D is definitely a better choice.

The Canon 60D's viewfinder is 0,59x while the viewfinder of the Canon T3i is only 0,53x. In addition, there is a difference of viewfinder coverage which is of 96% on the Canon 60D while the viewfinder coverage for the Canon 600D is of 95%. The pictures are much larger and brighter with the Canon 60D than with the Canon T3i because of the bigger viewfinder coverage.

Another difference between the two cameras is related to the out of focus system. The 60D has 9 cross-type focus points, whereas the T3i has only 1. Professional photographers might find this very important.

The shutter speed represents another big difference between the two cameras. The Canon 600D has 1/4000s while the Canon 60D has 1/8000s in shutter speed. Therefore, the 60D is better when you are using the flash or you shoot in full-of-light locations.

As far as the battery life is concerned, with a 60D you can take about 1100 shots while with a Canon 600D you can only take around 550 shots.

As far as the weight and the size are concerned, the 60D is a little bit heavier and bigger than the Canon T3i.

The price is another big difference, but in favor of the Canon T3i, which is a little cheaper. To conclude, the size, weight and price are in favor of the Canon T3i, while the viewfinder, the shutter speed, the battery life, the number of frames/second and the focus system are in favor of the Canon Rebel T3i.

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