Saturday, 2 July 2011

[] Introduction to Point of View Cameras

By Justin Thibault

Do you believe it's actually possible to capture the world through your own eyes? If you don't then you've been out of circulation for a long time. Technology geeks have invented point of view cameras which have certainly changed how we look at the world and share what we see with our loved ones. POV cameras, which also go by the name of wearable cameras or helmet cameras, are equipment that you can attach to your body or your gear to enable you to record what you see.

First used in extreme sports, helmet cameras became very popular with adrenalin junkies who attached these to themselves or their gear to capture their air, land or water adventures. Videos and photos of bungee jumps, skydives, surfing and motocrosses are easily seen on television using the attached output cables or downloaded to the computer. Software programs have already been developed which allow individuals to create professional-looking videos that showcase their abilities. These videos can be brought to companies or individuals who can possibly sponsor the athlete in his or her next competition.

With one touch button functions, these compact and lightweight cameras are simple to manipulate. Even while you're doing your thing, a single-button function allows you to change the background, views and contrast to capture the best shot. Built to withstand the most jarring of falls, these cameras have housing or casing, usually made of polycarbonate material, to protect them. You can rest easy in the event your wearable camera gets unhinged from its place and falls to the ground since they have been tested to take on such battering. Water resistant and waterproof to a certain depth, these helmet cameras can also be used to get footage on the water or under it. It is not uncommon to find these cameras strapped to kayaks, canoes or surfboards to film all the exciting water action.

Where video quality is concerned, you basically get what you pay for. Cheaper SD or standard definition cameras are not as sharp and are fit only for activities that won't require as much clarity when you need to view your footage again. For clearer footage and actions that require a lot of movement, HD or high definition cameras are the better choice. How long a POV camera can actually record footage will depend on the capacity of the memory card inserted on it. Most can capture action lasting for an hour or so.

When these POV cameras first came out, they were way too expensive for the average person. They were used only by big television networks or Hollywood movie outfits. At present, you can buy these wearable cameras even if you only had a hundred dollars on you. Extreme sports enthusiasts can get a high quality high definition camera for only $600.

While point of view cameras originally had its applications only to extreme sports, they have now evolved and have found uses in medicine, law enforcement and research. Doctors and surgeons are able to perform exploratory surgeries and thereby find solutions to problems. Law enforcement officers use these in training or actual field operations. Scientists and researchers use these cameras to record the terrain, flora and fauna in their respective areas of study.

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