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By Clwyd Probert

There are many techniques to generate clients online. The three most best methods are:

- Common listing in the search engines such as Google
- PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising
- Paid advertisements in online web sites and directories

The technique you select will rely on a considerable number of factors and each system could be pertinent for different photographers at different times in their cycle. Let us take a look at each method in turn and analyse its weaknesses and strengths. In this piece we will look at the first of these strategies.

Universal Listing In The Search Sites

In principle, this is the most convenient method and the one which each cameraman wants. Everyone wants to be number one in Google for the search term 'wedding photography'. However with about 95 million (95,000,000) internet pages being returned for this key term, it is not reasonable for most photographers to try to achieve that goal. However by carful use of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) methodologies either thru work on their lonesome or by hiring a consultant SEO specialist, it's possible to aim towards less competitive terms which would be focused on a neighborhood like 'wedding photography Kent ' and generate traffic this way.

It is important to follow some essential rules before launching on a SEO campaign. Remember the three things that really must be in place before you consider promoting a particular keyphrase for your website:

- The term must be important for your business. There isn't any point in being number one on Google if the folks that come to your internet site are not particularly interested in what you do
- The term must build traffic. Use the Google keyword tool to estimate the quantity of visitors you may get if you do well for the term Remember that the 1 spot takes a high share of all traffic.
- The term should have low competition. If you try to take on a powerful existing rival, then it may take you a long time to achieve results, if ever.

The disadvantage is that the effort needed to do the market research, change the website and promote it takes both time and cash and the results are not fast. A normal SEO campaign will take 3 to 6 months to start to generate results.

Conclusion: A good methodology for the long term. Research the field and hire a SEO expert to help. The time and money invested will pay off.

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