Tuesday, 16 August 2011

[BuyCanonSLR.com] Trash The Dress Photography Events

By Mohan Gardner

A rising trend among hip newly-weds is to have a 'trash the dress ' photograph shoot after their wedding. These type of shoots generally place the bride and groom in environments which contrast their beauty and sophistication of their bridal clothes with a grimy or abandoned setting.

Typical locations include beaches, empty buildings, rubbish dumps and caves. This regularly results in the eradication of the wedding dress, which is the way in which the shoots got their name.

The shoots are also known by the choice names 'rock the frock ' or 'fearless bridal'. The pictures have a tendency to be shot in the type of a fashion or glamour shoot and can produce some really breathtaking photographs.

For photographers who are sufficiently fortunate to come across a bride who is prepared and willing to wade into waist high water or to crawl over a hill of garbage in her wedding dress, a trash the dress photo shoot can make a superb addition to their portfolio. There are however several considerations before accepting such a shoot from a customer. There are personal safety issues to consider. It is often easy to get caught up in the instant during this type of shoot and if you're handling a deadly environment such as a cave or scrapyard then this could end in disaster. It's really important to sanction limits with your client before beginning and to scout the location prior to the shoot.

From a client's standpoint, the trash the dress shoot might seem like a fabulous idea, but when the time comes there's always the chance that the bride will have a change of heart and not need any damage to come to her dress. It is good for the wedding photographerto have an alternative plan for some tamer photos which can sometimes be set up in the same location without risking any damage to the dress.

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