Thursday, 15 September 2011

[] A Brief Guide For The Brand New Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

By Matthiew Whyde

The New Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo would be the successor of the 2 original memory sticks namely the Memory Stick Duo and Pro. This brand new product has the capability of saving up to 32 Gb of data. The Pro Duo succeeds the two previous memory sticks in every single way by providing not just a larger storage space capacity but also quicker transferring rate.

You could use the Memory Stick Pro Duo to upload and download information including images, videos, audio, document files to numerous gadgets including digital cameras, mobile phones, computer printers, Pdas, portable video gaming gadgets like the Sony Playstation portable along with other electronic devices. Let's look at some of the specs this small but powerful product has to offer.

1. The storage space capabilities - from 128 Mb all the way up to 32 Gb.

2. The Memory Stick Pro Duo comes with an adaptor that makes it works with a normal SD memory card reader.

3. The product also comes with a 5-Year Warranty.

4. Data Transfer Rate Of 15 - 20 Mbps

5. Handy dimension - 0.06 in (width) x 1.22 in (height) x 0.79 in (length).

It also is compatible with all gadgets which support the Memory Stick Pro. While the sizes of 1 - 2 Gb are often adequate for the majority of home consumers, some people may need extra storage capacity. In 2008, Sony introduced a 16 Gigabyte model along with a bigger 32 Gigabyte model was launched in August 2009, making it the largest capacity available as this time of writing.

The unit protects your data from power failure because of its fast transfer rate, it lets you save all of your vital data in an instant.

This small and yet powerful gadget has created a brand new concept of swapping data across various platforms, you may download some audio files onto your Laptop or computer and after that transfer them to the Memory Stick with a card reader and then moving the data to your cell phone enabling you to listen to your chosen tracks while on the run.

It's a practical little piece of equipment that you could not live without these days.

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