Tuesday, 6 September 2011

[BuyCanonSLR.com] The Right Way To Make A Big Impact With A Little Card "Business Cards For Photographers

By Clwyd Probert

When starting with any small enterprise, one of the first things that you're going to need are business cards. They are the way you can spread the news to pals and family that you have started a new enterprise and they present all of your new contact details. Many new business owners make the error of going to the local printers and getting them to design business cards using one of their standard templates. This is a really bad idea.

Local produced cards will look just like everyone else's. They will have not identity and generally the standard of the paper and printing is average at best. As wedding photographers or as any other type of snapper, your image and how you present yourself is very important.

There are a couple of rules you want to follow to be sure you don't mess things up:

- Choose the very best quality paper available. This is something that you will be giving out to a potential client, you want to convey the impression of your top standards.
- Choose a classic image. Here is your chance to show off your work and have somebody carry it around with them, select an image that truly represents you and the message you are attempting to get across. Never select a standard picture or symbol from a selection of other peoples designs.
- Make your contact information clear and easy to read. Ideally black text on a white background. Include email, mobile phone and your web address.
- Keep the front page design simple "ideally just one image covering the entire card.

Tip: In the United Kingdom there's a great online business card company called moo.com (yes truly) "they produce great cards which are excellent for photographers as you may have a different image on each card. Ie you can order a box of 50 cards with a different image on each card, so you get to tote around your complete portfolio.

In summary, go for the very best quality and make sure your brand stand out.

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