Monday, 12 September 2011

[] When it Comes to Baby Photography, Look for the Best

By Jensen Cartwright

Not everyone can capture that perfect moment when your baby smiles, it takes the right person to specialize in baby photography. When you use a general photography studio with the cut rate prices, you get what you pay for. Your precious pictures could come back looking so bad that you wouldn't want to share them with friends and family.

Perhaps the most important decision on baby photography is the photographer or artist taking the pictures. No one is going to tell you they are mediocre, or their only experience with babies consists of taking a shot of their infant cousin with their iPhone. A professional baby photographer can and should provide you with their body of work and sample galleries, and more is better.

Check to see if your chosen photographer is a member of a national or regional association of photographers, or if they have won any awards for their work. And ask for testimonials, but beware the "generic" or unsigned testimonial. These are likely as fictional as a Stephen King novel.

Another important factor in baby photography, but really one that is a personal preference as well as a red flag, is location and appearance. Do you prefer a home studio, a store front, or one in a mall? Regardless of location, check the appearance, cleanliness and the backgrounds that are available. Is it clean or does it look like it doubles as a storage closet? A poorly kept location or damaged backgrounds are red flags and warrant picking another photographer.

In addition to location, also consider what you'd like to have in the photo with your child. An artist who works with baby photography should have a wide range of items to work with in a photo, and to help keep a cranky baby entertained while shooting. A ratty teddy bear isn't enough for a baby photo shoot, look for props that are in good condition and appropriate.

Baby photography accessories are also important. Ask about key chains, cards, and frames. After all, you want to plaster your pictures of little snookums everywhere, from the office to the car. Be sure that family, friends and co-workers know that you have been busy procreating.

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