Wednesday, 2 November 2011

[] What I am Shopping Online For

By Jack Treeley

Buying stuff can happen in many ways. For those who love to spend money, it really doesn't matter how it happens as long as they get to buy, buy, buy. However, some people really prefer to shop in person, in a real brick and mortar store. While others have come to quite like shopping from a computer using the internet. The following is from a female shopper.

I love shopping online. I don't have to leave the house, bundle up children in the car, wait in line, or even get dressed. I can stay in my comfy pajamas and shop from home. My latest purchase to make is a new camera. Now I have 5 children and have learned over the years that they can ruin an expensive camera.

On another occasion I was at the zoo with my little toddlers. I had my camera in the diaper bag or purse and one of the baby's sippy cups ended up in the bag and pretty much drowned the camera and of course ruined it. Another one just quit working. Needless to say I want to keep this purchase under $150 given my poor history. So as I begin my search for a new camera I have my price in mind and the first place I go to is amazon.

It it rather fun for me to be able to compare cameras and their features and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Currently I am looking at a Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS 12 MP. The only downside I can see to this camera is the absence of a viewfinder and so my other option is the Canon Powershot A1200 12.1 MP with a viewfinder. They seem to be very similar. I have used canon camera's in the past and so my camera cards are all interchangeable.

A digital camcorder is something already in my photo arsenal and that means the only thing I am lacking is that I want a great point and shoot camera and these two seem to be the ones that will work well. I have a terrible delay on my current camera and I am hoping this one will be better than the one I currently own. Once I have decided I will make sure it is in a waterproof camera bag and safely stowed away so I won't have to purchase another any time soon!

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