Friday, 16 December 2011

[] Be The Talk Of The Town When You Rent A Photo Booth

By Mike Toth

So you are planning an event and you need an attraction to put it on the map! Why not rent a photo booth and your event will be all the rage! Using the same concept as photo booths of days past, it is sure to be an interesting and fun attraction at your event.

Most of us remember when picture stalls used to be main attractions at fairs, amusement parks or carnivals. You would pile in with all your friends or with your sweetheart and come out with a strip of photos that held those memories forever. You can now bring that good time feeling back when you hire a photo booth.

These days the picture stall is not just a fun experience for those inside getting their picture taken. Most systems today not only provide the primary copy, but will also save a copy for the host or event organizer. What a fun way to share your memories at your next event!

Rental companies usually provide delivery and pick up. Some allow for an onsite attendant for the duration of your event to help with any issues with the machine. They provide high quality color or nostalgic black and white prints. Usually they can handle about 50 sessions per hour. Most companies will either rent photo booths by the hour or at a daily rate.

It is wise to shop around to find a company that will fit your budget. Services range from five hundred dollars a day to as much as one thousand dollars for only four hours. Some have additional fees depending on the number of sessions you have. Most companies are flexible and helpful and may even discount any down time you may have with the machine.

Guaranteed your next event will be the talk of the town! Just grab your friends or your sweetheart and step behind the curtain. Let the picture booth capture the memories forever!

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