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[] Canon SX230HS Review

By Anne O'Reilly

Today we are going to be giving a Canon SX230HS Review. This camera is one of the best digital video cameras on the market today. Lets talk about some of the causes the Canon SX230HS is one of the best surveillance cameras on the market.

The Canon SX230HS is very light but at the same time it is also very durable. The camera is also very trusted and packs quite a few cool features, which will be discussed throughout the article. It is also very affordable and can be bought for under 3 hundred dollars, which is a steal. Durability, reliability and affordability makes the camera a hot item to get.

The Canon SX230HS is 12.1 mega pixel and is equipped with a DIGIC 4 Image processor. This means that the camera works well in low-light-weight cases without utilizing a flash. At higher ISO configurations, noise levels are lowered too. The Canon takes crystal clear photographs always, even in low lgting situations thanks to the system that the Canon is equipped with. High speed image processing is always delivered with the Canon HS.

The Canon SX230HS not only takes perfect photos but it documents videos in high definition. The camera is equipped with a movie button which enables easy access to when one wants to report videos. The Canon HS also files videos with excellent stereo audio. The Dynamic IS retains footage stabilized, so there is no need to worry about shaky footage when documenting videos. The videos also look very realistic and the HS is able to capture magical moments with just a contact of a button. The videos can be recorded at very high speed and then watched in slow movement.

The cam also has incredible zoom abilities. It has 14X zoom plus 56X digital zoom. The camera not only has great zooming abilities but it is also equipped with GPS that works. The GPS is very dependable and is one of the best capabilities of the camera.

Going through menu choices is a breeze. The menu layout is simple and it is very easy to find menu choices.

One of the hottest details about the cam is that people are able to edit photographs within the camera. There is absolutely no need to transfer photos to a computer system simply because all the editing can be done proper on the camera. no matter whether somebody wants to edit the color or crop the photograph, they are able to do so suitable away.

When it will come to digital spy cameras, the Canon HS is one of the best. It is very easy to bring around as it is extremely gentle and it is very easy to grip. It also does not take long to charge and the battery life is astounding. The camera is good for people who love to take pictures and build excellent videos. People who do not mind investing around two-hundred and fifty dollars should get their hands on this Canon camera simply because it is worth every single penny. This camera could very well be the best camera that Canon has generated to date. Thanks for reading our Canon SX230HS Review.

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