Saturday, 21 April 2012

[] The age of the digital press

By Lori B Olson

The new digital printing era has affected the way we do printing and how we use paper. The words "digital copy" has various meanings which can cause a world of confusion. Depending who you are speaking to, they may presume you are sending them a document via email in a portable document format, commonly identified as PDF.

Digital print in the paper industry will direct itself to the size of paper, weight of paper and the finish of the paper. Most digital paper is coated so that it can have optimal results as it runs though the digital printers of today. Digital printers are available for personal use and running to a grade of commercial quality. Bragging of small runs and high quality, the digital printer age allows the average consumer to produce a printed piece representative of a quality corporate identity. Full color, vivid, concise and unbelievably crisp quality is what a digital printer can present, especially when printed on a form of media that is treated with a finish formulated to work in harmony with the specific machine.

One of the most popular digital size papers is 12 x 18. The architectural history behind this size classifies its origin as ARCH paper sizing. Now becoming a common, daily use size, one wonders how it can fall into the North American paper size grid and will it be the printing industry that redefines the future of its place in our business world.

This new digital print age brags of a superb print quality but not requiring a high-volume run, this then providing for reasonable pricing. Ultimately, you will see a superb quality of paper working well with high quality digital print and find the cost for a small print run to stay within the budget.

The recommendation for most projects is that you consult a local printing company. They can provide quotes, suggestions and possibly complete digital job. Assess the quality and price ratio of your job. Ultimately you may decide using your local printer to run the digital job is the most cost effective option for you today.

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