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[] Useful Contour GPS Camera Review Secrets

By Martha Henry

There was a time when it was hopeless to record yourself hands free doing activity game activities like snowboarding or mountain cycling but now you finally are able to and more. The first wearable cameras were too huge and the video high quality they tape-recorded were too grainy and not professional to supply any type of sort of qualified video clip.

The past five years we have actually seen a massive enhancement in the modern technology used in these tiny cameras. One camera business called Contour is leading the way in these tiny wearable perspective cameras, not only do they taping in 1080p high definition but they have even included GPS so that you can track your place and more, and its all in the brand-new ContourGPS camera.

The ContourGPS is a smooth lip-stick styled designed sports camera. In spite of its small size, Contour has certainly jam-packed it with most recent innovation so that you should tape-record in the highest 1080p video quality. In comparison to the previous ContourRoam style, the newer ContourGPS is just a little larger however still unbelievably heavy duty. It even includes a cost-free lens cap so you can shield your camera lens. The major advantages of this camera is that it is mountable to almost nearly anything, records in 1080p high definition, takes photos, has a GPS, and has better audio capture.

Since the Contour camera is sculptured like a barrel, you are able to mount it to a revolver to get a true individual point-of-view experience. No additional wearable perspective camera is even more pistol favorable than the Contour line of cameras. You can easily also install it to a mountain bike or vehicle. It is even feasible to take the Contour GPS in the water because it is 100 percent water resistance. Because of the cameras remarkable range in all terrains, you are able to use it in situations where a usual video camera might be too risky or hazardous to use.


New four layered glass adds unrivaled video clearness

Laser alignment makes it effortless to grab what you are taping

low profile design permits you to install the camera anywhere

light weight of only 5.2 oz


No LCD screen but it comes with laser alignment so you understand what objects are in your field of view

The camera has a easy instant on-record switch that makes it simple and advantageous to enable recording when you are in quest of your activity. It is also easy to alter high definition video modes. The ContourGPS records in full HD at 30 frames per second and tall HD method that additionally 30 frameworks per second. Beyond capturing video, you should take 5 megapixel images in a assortment of spurt modes.

The main feature that makes this the most special wearable camera on the market is its built-in GPS. This permits you to track not just your site, however your speed, and altitude at four second intervals. The camera comes with application that pieces all this info all together so that you can easily generate your own unique account. This is a terrific characteristic for any variety of backcountry sports where recording relative position, rate, and altitude can be found in practical.

If you are trying to find a perspective camera that catches clear and beautiful 1080p, and also require GPS monitoring, then the Contour GPS is for you. It has certainly combined a 135 wide-angle lens that really captures every scene in your periphery with minimal fish-eye distortion. The greatest part is that recording video clip by having the ConturGPS is completely hands free of cost so you should finally concentrate on the activity at hand rather than recording video clip.

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